RRRA Newsletter

RRRA Newsletter


Ramsgate was amongst the worst hit areas during the recent water outage on the Lower South Coast. Unfortunately Ramsgate lies at the end of the main supply line from the Umzimkulu River and is therefore the first to lose water during regional outages and amongst the last to be restored. Ramsgate South was particularly badly hit receiving no water from the last week in May until the last week in June. Ramsgate North which is fed from a different reservoir had some supply some of the time. Much of the infrastructure is old and fragile. Our understanding is some of the worst pipes are to be replaced but as yet there is no time line from UGU. As in the past damage was caused to the infrastructure during the work stoppage and this delayed the restoration significantly. Several repairs undertaken during the strike were damaged again within 24 hours.

As many will know, the RRRA sprang into action on the first day and static tanks were placed at the BP Service Station, Pistols and in Greenhills. These were filled regularly throughout the whole period by volunteers using their own vehicles. Ray Basson and Steve Thomas worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure residents had access to water. An RRRA mobile tank service also delivered water to housebound residents.

Since then, the RRRA sub-committee which focuses on water crises, has been analyzing the lessons learnt from the recent outages and re-evaluating all possibilities to manage these events more effectively in the future. The RRRA has now adopted the proposals of this group and will be funding the additional equipment costs. In future as soon as there is a prolonged outage, at least five static tanks will be placed at strategic points in Ramsgate: Hibiscus parking ground, Rhema Church parking ground, BP garage, Pistols and Greenhills. Manifolds have been manufactured so that there will be two taps per tank. The CPF has agreed to assist in protecting these tanks particularly at night. The RRA has also secured a number of supply points from which water for the static tanks will be obtained. The RRRA has agreed that a 2500l tank trailer with a pump needs to be bought. Any 4 x 4 vehicle will be able to tow this trailer when laden. The trailer is brake-assisted. The challenge is secure the funds for the trailer and various options are being pursued. The cost will be in the region of R65,000.

It has also been decided to set up local champions who will keep watch of small parts of Ramsgate, literally a few streets. These champions will familiarize themselves with the infrastructure for their streets and will know where all the valves are located. Pipeline and valve plans have been acquired from UGU for the whole of Ramsgate. Doug Sparks is coordinating this and will be looking for volunteers throughout Ramsgate. Coincidentally Doug set up a Water Action Team some two years ago. This group is made up of experienced engineers and reticulation experts. They are engaging with UGU to offer assistance and guidance. Please be willing to assist these teams if you can. Doug can be contacted on: dlsparks54@gmail.com

The RRRA has set up an emergency number which will be activated when a crisis occurs. The number is 073 658 5469.

Residents are reminded that the RRRA Exec Committee meets formerly in the Village Hall in Ramsgate at 16:00 on the third Tuesday of every month. Residents are always welcome to attend and to bring their ideas to the attention of the committee.

Finally I would like to thank publicly the few who worked so hard for the community during the last water outage crisis to ensure that residents had access to water. They did an amazing job.

Grahame Cilliers



Donations and contributions can be deposited into the account number below with ref “Name and Lot number”

Nedbank current account name: Ramsgate Residents and Ratepayers Association

Branch: Margate

Account number: 1397 088451

Meeting Times

The RRRA monthly committee meetings are held every 3rd Tuesday of the month, at the Lions Club hall in Glenmarkie Ave. This is open to everyone to attend. It would be great to hear suggestions and ideas from our community.


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