Ramsgate Residents & Ratepayers’ Association Newsletter

Ramsgate Residents & Ratepayers’ Association Newsletter

Newsletter – June 2018

Ramsgate Ratepayers and Residents Association (RRRA)

Dear Ramsgaters,

Talk about living in interesting times!

With regard to the recent UGU workers illegal strike and subsequent water delivery crisis, you will recall from our previous quarterly newsletter, that your committee had been investigating various options such as the possibility of sinking a borehole, or investing in a trailer which could be used to deliver water to the disabled and needy and to the general residents, when UGU failed to deliver its services, etc.

Fortunately, the team had plans in place for temporary trailers and water tanks to be available, along with a team of volunteers to drive and tow the tanks to various places in Ramsgate. These teams did an outstanding job of ensuring that the community had access to water when the recent UGU strike so badly affected our wonderful community in terms of the non-delivery the service pertaining to that life giving product – water.


A huge vote of thanks to ALL the people who stepped up to the plate, in terms of sacrificing time, resource, etc., you know who you are and there too were many to name them all. However, we would be totally remiss, in not recognizing the enormous, selfless effort and support given by Ray Basson and Steve Thomas in particular – well done guys, your hard work and dedication was very much appreciated by everyone during this time of crisis.

You will also have been informed, in a recent ad hoc newsletter, of the strategic planning workshop held by the RRRA in May 2018 and the action points that arose from that workshop.

For your information, the members of the KZNSCRRA team will also be meeting for a strategic planning meeting on 5 July 2018. We will give you feedback on the outcomes of that workshop in our next quarterly newsletter.

In addition, you will also have recently received communication regarding an urgent appeal for financial assistance for the RRRA based on the following:

The RRRA and the KZNSCRRA, to which the RRRA is affiliated, each communicated directly with the UGU Municipal Manager regarding the current water crisis and this contributed to a meeting being set up via our local councillor, Dave Watson, with some of the key players of the UGU management team on 13 June 2018. The purpose was to discuss the way forward, 

specifically with regard to the problem experienced by all the folk in the south of Ramsgate.

The core agreed outcomes of that meeting were the following:

  • UGU apologized to the community for the problems experienced and promised that they were doing all they could to remediate the situation.
  • UGU undertook to do the following:
    • To provide a dedicated tanker to fill the static tanks located throughout the Ramsgate area, so that the efficiency of the tanker deliveries could be maximized with the driver knowing where to go, etc.
    • Contact numbers were supplied for the staff responsible for these functions so that the RRRA could liaise direct with their people on the ground
    • Would endeavour to provide an additional 5 static tanks, as a minimum for the area.
  • Unfortunately, subsequent to the meeting, more intimidation of UGU workers occurred and they failed to deliver the static tanks. Volunteers again jumped in, collected the tanks and set them up in strategic places.
  • FYI – Tanks have been placed at Hibiscus Mall, Rhema church, BP, Pistols and Julia road.

Based on the above non-performance again by UGU, your committee would like to put out an URGENT APPEAL to the community, as follows:

  • The current water sources that have been used to fill the static tanks during the past few weeks may have been compromised and this could present a problem in the event of future shortage of supply of water by UGU, which we all know, will no doubt happen again soon!
  • Your committee believe that an amount in the region of R180 000 would be needed to drill a borehole and have a basic water treatment plant installed, to give reasonably clean water. (PLEASE NOTE: That this water may still have to be boiled, before use for drinking, as we need to test the water first to determine its suitability for drinking).
  • The committee could provide R30 000 from current funds to assist with this cost, therefore leaving an amount of R150 000 to be raised from the community.
  • Whilst going this route is not ideal, your committee believes that this is the only real solution to ensure that water can at least be supplied in the future, when tanker services are not available, due to intimidation etc.
  • PLEASE NOTE: That your committee will be making a formal request to UGU to assist with this cost, as they have failed miserably in delivering this vital service to our community. Clearly however, we cannot rely on that assistance, certainly not in the short term, so …
  • If you are able to donate towards this objective, please deposit the funds into the bank account, details of which are set out below, highlighting that the funds are specifically for the Borehole project.
  • To put some perspective on what is being asked of you:
    • We have approximately 2700 rateable properties in Ramsgate.
    • Our database, to whom we communicate with letters such as this appeal, indicates that we communicate with some 1500 people but are only reaching approximately 700 of those owners and residents, due to incorrect information on the database.
    • However, if every one of those 700 people, respond positively to our appeal, we would then need each ratepayer to donate a once off, R215 to reach our target of R150 000.
  • Failing the committee being able to raise enough for the borehole, the funds collected from this appeal, would instead be used to secure more trailers, so that the delivery of water to the static tanks and individuals can be speeded up from alternative “untreated” sources.

PLEASE NOTE: That by launching the above appeal, we are endeavouring to be as pro-active as we can, in order to prevent the misery that you as a community have had to undergo as a result of UGU’s enormous failure to deliver this life giving service, if such failure occurs again.


Funds to be deposited into the bank account below with the reference “Borehole project”:

Nedbank current account name: Ramsgate Residents and Ratepayers Association

Branch: Margate

Account number: 1397 088451

We trust that this appeal will be met favorably, despite the difficult economic circumstances which we are all experiencing at present.

Please note the following:  

The RRRA monthly committee meetings are held every 3rd Tuesday of the month, at the Lions Club hall in Glenmarkie Ave. This is open to everyone to attend. It would be great to hear suggestions and ideas from our community.


We wish all our visitors to Ramsgate a pleasant and trouble free holiday during the July 2018 holidays.

Kind regards,



E-Mail address: info@ramsgatecommunity.co.za 

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