Ramsgate Residents and Ratepayers’ Association

Ramsgate Residents and Ratepayers’ Association

Newsletter – June 2019

Ramsgate Ratepayers and Residents Association (RRRA)

Dear Fellow Ramsgaters,

Changes to your committee:

We are pleased to advise you that we have co-opted three new members to your committee, and they are as follows:

  • Arthur Branford – Secretarial and Administration
  • Robert (Bob) Black – Sales & Marketing
  • Ciska Swart – Community Services

We are really grateful to the above folk, who have stepped up to the plate and look forward to their positive contribution, to assisting in ensuring that Ramsgate remains a great place to live, work and play in.

Welcome on board folks!

Ramsgate beaches:

We are also pleased to announce, that we have had a member step up to the plate, to take on the role previously managed by John Scott. Phil De Jager has volunteered and is already, in full swing with regard to looking after the Ramsgate Ramble.

Thank you Phil for your valued contribution to this very important area of our village. It is very much appreciated.

Phil will be working closely with Bruce Dickson who manages the portfolio for the committee.

The severe storms at the end of April 2019 resulted in significant quantities of debris being deposited on all our beaches as all the lagoons and river mouths were breached. Thanks to the efforts of many residents and nature itself, most of the beaches are now clear and pristine again.

KZNRRA (Lower south coast):

We mentioned previously, that the RRRA is actively involved in the KZNRRA (Lower south coast), which, incidentally, is chaired by Prof Ransome (previous Ramsgate RRRA Chair).

In the past six months, the KZNRRA team (consisting of the various RRA Chairs and vice chairs) have had two meetings with the RNM Municipal manager and his HOD team and more recently, one meeting with the Municipality Manager and his HOD team for the UGU municipality.

It is anticipated, that these discussions and follow-up meetings will result in a mutual trust being built between the two forums, with a view to making accountability for their services easier to understand, manage and for the RRA’s to assist, where possible, so that the municipalities can deliver excellence in service, to their various communities.

One of the key issues in the recently adopted strategic plan that the RRRA has developed for Ramsgate is to build effective relationships with the two municipalities. Without their cooperation, input and funding, many of the goals will not be reached. Hence these recent developments are key to restoring the many attractions of Ramsgate to the levels that will encourage tourism and growth.

FYI – New regulation on maintenance & installation of geysers.

All Ramsgate residents should take note of the new regulations that have been promulgated when doing any maintenance on an existing geyser, or when installing a new geyser.

Please read the attached brochures carefully and make sure that your plumber is registered and can issue you, with the required certificate. If you as the homeowner do not comply, you could be in trouble with the law.

PIRB Notice-1-2018-SANS-10254-Amendments




Residents are reminded, that the RRRA Exec Committee meets formally, in the Village Hall in Ramsgate, at 16:00 on the third Tuesday of every month. Residents are always welcome to attend and to bring their ideas to the attention of the committee.

In concluding, I would like to take this opportunity, to say a grateful thank you, to all our members for your support, both financially and in other ways. It is very much appreciated.

Finally, on behalf of your RRRA committee, may I wish all of you a happy winter season, which we hope will be fruitful for all.

Kind regards,

Grahame Cilliers

Chairperson – RRRA

Cell number: 076 243 1910

Email address: info@ramsgatecommunity.co.za

Below is the  link to the RCPF Newsletters

Ramsgate Community Policing Forum

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