Ramsgate Conservancy Newsletter

Ramsgate Conservancy Newsletter

Article from South Coast Herald February 2019

Conservancy Annual General Meeting

On the 21st March, the Ramsgate Conservancy held their 13th Annual General Meeting.

Due to impending Loadshedding, the AGM was conducted speedily to allow 10 minutes for any extra questions at the end to be completed before the power went off.

Following the usual items of Welcome, Attendance Register and Apologies the Minutes of the 12th AGM were approved without any dissent.

The Chairman’s Report was given by John Murray, quickly running through the usual Objectives and List of other bodies that the Conservancy associate with or are members of.

The Chairman reported back on several issues including Waste Water Treatment, Waste Disposal site at Oatlands, Dune Erosion, Alien Plant Eradication, the Joint Venture with Ramsgate Tourism regarding the Eco-Tourism Centre and paid tribute to their sponsors and Donors, in particular, the Waffle House.

The Treasurer’s Report was given by Adrian Voice and accepted unanimously.

Two items requiring ratification at an AGM were taken:

The Committee structure was proposed to change to a “Management Committee” comprising of the “Office Bearers”, being The Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. This was to aid the administration and efficiency of the Committee. The change was accepted without dissent. The full Committee will still meet but may not need to be convened for administrative duties.

The second item was to ratify the election of the current holders of Office Bearer positions, these were elected without dissent:

Chairman:                 John Murray

Deputy Chairman:   David Halle

Secretary:                  Ross Douthwaite

Treasurer:                  Adrian Voice


A short AOB was taken and completed before the power went off!

A copy of the minutes will be available upon request once they are fully typed-up.

The AGM was followed by another successful Moondeckers evening lit by rechargeable lights as the Full Moon failed to peep out from behind clouds.

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