Ramsgate Community Policing Forum Newsletter

Ramsgate Community Policing Forum Newsletter


31 March 2019

Welcome to 2019.

How quickly time passes! We are already three months into the new year and much has happened, which the CPF would like to share.


Every year over the holiday period, we expect an increase in incidents of crime and this past season was no different

However, over the last 3 years the operational team devised plans to combat this trend and together with the injection of the long-awaited funding, we were able to acquire a some very exciting technology as well as increase our compliment of Reservists, the combination of which has paid dividends in containing crime as much as increasing our arrest rate.

Notwithstanding our efforts, Ramsgate saw an increase in incidents of housebreakings which once again, demanded a revised tactical approach.

In the course of our efforts, the CPF operational team, together with Margate SAPS, identified members of an organized group of people that have been targeting Ramsgate.

The special, combined, nighttime operations, led by the Margate SAPS and our CPF team and with the significant and entirely voluntary support of the armed response companies Maser, Wolf and occasionally helped by ADT Fidelity, tackled ongoing exercises throughout Ramsgate on a regular basis.

As a consequence of these measures, we are happy to be able to confirm a meaningful drop in incidents as well as the arrest of perpetrators that have been linked to various crimes in our area and surrounds.


The RCPF committee took some time to carefully evaluate and where possible, trial, a number of crime-fighting equipment, before the committee approved the purchase and deployment of these technologies. We anticipate that we will have completed this project by the end of the first quarter of 2019.

This includes new community safety cameras that alert us to the movement as opposed to the old models that only captured movement that we have to download later.

We have acquired special “night vision” thermal viewers that allows the team to identify body heat in total darkness.

Previously it was almost impossible to view people hiding in a thick bush or on the beach. Now there is nowhere to hide!


The RCPF often receives praise from the Margate SAPS for our crime prevention efforts and for lightening their load, so to speak. We intend to continue doing so and build on our great relationship with the Police services in general, but specifically the station commander and the detective branch from whom we continue to receive very encouraging support.

We now, more than ever, work especially closely with our security partners Wolf and Maser and have worked hard to draw in Fidelity ADT. Given the competitive nature of commercial businesses, we are especially blessed to enjoy the unwavering support of Maser and Wolf Security companies, in particular, with whom Quinn and Chantell have successfully built a strong and close relationship. As a collective, the teams operate highly efficiently to the benefit of our community.

We are also pleased to report that we have experienced a meaningful increase in the number of residents who have joined our WhatsApp sector groups and who contribute to the broad eyes and ears, an early-warning system that we have been steadily building. The contributions of our ratepayers and residents cannot be underestimated at all and the CPF wish to record their huge appreciation for your passionate and ongoing support.


The RCPF is preparing for major events like Bike Week and the Ramsgate Arts Festival and holidays like the Easter holiday that are all around the corner. We plan to be ready for any eventuality as our operational and executive teams are now running like a well-oiled machine.

We invite the community to continue to communicate with us should they have any specific concerns, complaints or suggestions and if possible to become involved in the community and to support us in any way, no matter how small.

We also wish to acknowledge the leadership of the Ramsgate Residents and Rate Payers Association, Ramsgate Tourism and the Ramsgate Conservancy, from whom we continue to receive rewarding and encouraging support in our endeavours to make Ramsgate the best, safest little village on the coast.

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