Ramsgate Community Policing Forum

Ramsgate Community Policing Forum

Dear Ramsgate Community

We are pleased to report that although the incidents of major residential crimes (House Breaking, House robbery and theft) for May were marginally up over April, June recorded the quietest month and lowest crime rate in the history of the CPF.

The past quarter is marked by a significant number of breakthroughs, arrests and recoveries as a consequence of a combination of increased foot patrols, increased real-time surveillance by our operational team supported by Margate SAPS and local armed response companies, and some very successful investigations by Margate detectives.

The month of May produced a total of eight housebreakings, robbery and theft arrests and the recovery of stolen property. The suspect who committed a house Robbery on the 30th of March 2018, which left holidaymakers traumatized, was sentenced to 15 years in jail. The arrest was thanks to Mark Thomas from Wolf Security and the Ramsgate CPF SAPS members who were on the scene within minutes. A further 35 Class B arrests were made in May.

This was followed in June by a further 60 Class B arrests and 1 Class A arrests. In a dramatic late-night incident, a stolen vehicle was immediately identified and intercepted entering Ramsgate and a number of weapons were recovered.

We commend the detectives at the Margate Police station on their outstanding performance in solving a number of robbery cases.

Continuous CPF foot patrols and surveillance exercises in targeted parts of the Ramsgate neighbourhood at night resulted in the red-handed arrests of criminals suspected of being part of the gang that has been terrorising our residents since January. Stolen property was recovered, and the perpetrators were charged and have been refused bail. We are grateful once again, to Brigadier Slabbert who authorized additional crime prevention vehicles in support of these exercises throughout the month.

Two very important indicators arising from our recent analysis of all of the housebreaking and robbery incidents this year are as follows: –

  1. 88% of housebreaking incidents involved properties that have no, or inadequate physical security barriers.
  2. 94% of housebreaking incidents involved residents and/or ratepayers who are not registered with the Ramsgate CPF and do not access our WhatsApp emergency network.

In conjunction with the Margate SAPS, seven properties have been identified as being in a derelict state with the potential of harbouring undesirable elements and the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality has undertaken to take the necessary action to address the hazard.

A concerted effort continues to be made to eradicate prostitution and soliciting in and around Ramsgate.

In the interests of putting our Ramsgate community crime experience into perspective, we have compared the national average for residential robbery and residential burglary as published for the 2017/2018 period, to Ramsgate’s experience in the first 5 months of 2019:

Robberies at residential premises in KwaZulu-Natal averaged 11.4 per day in 2018, compared to 0.014 incidents per day recorded in Ramsgate.

Residential burglary for Margate policing area averaged 3.02 per day for the same period, compared to 0.37 incidents per day recorded in Ramsgate.

The general safety standard of the residential and business community of Ramsgate is amongst the highest in the country and acknowledged as the best on the South Coast.

The effectiveness of our crime prevention policing lies in part with the dedicated and passionate contribution of the entire Community Policing Forum team, the unparalleled support we received from the South Africa Police Services in Margate as well as from the local armed response companies, in particular, Wolf Security and Maser Security and the highly effective eyes and ears of over one thousand participating residents; a number that continues to increase month on month.

These patrols are being aided by new technology, ‘Trail cameras’ that we continue to deploy as and when funds become available. The Trail camera is able to film at night and is not only triggered by motion but also immediately transmits what it films to our CPF office where we monitor and alert our in-field operations.

In addition, Ramsgate precinct is now being monitored by two SNIPR, vehicle and number plate recognition cameras that are linked to a national database. One of these cameras was donated by Wolf Security and the other one was purchased by the RCPF.


At the 2019 the Ray Nkonyeni Municipal, Mayoral Community Awards glittering gala dinner event on Friday the 28th June, the Ramsgate CPF walked away with the award for the Best Urban Community Policing Forum while the Margate Police Station received recognition for its outstanding service to the community.

The CPF awards were presented by the Mayor, Her Worship Cllr Nomusa Mqwebu to our Operations Coordinator Quinn Meecham and Sector Commander, Constable Chantell Young.


In the preparation of our July 2019 – June 2020 budget for consideration by the Ramsgate Urban Development Project (NPC), it became evident that the cost of running the operation will exceed the funds we receive from the special rates levy contribution. In simple terms, we receive R1,1 million a year from levies and our operating costs for the new year are projected to be circa R1,5 million.

We receive an additional average of R20, 000 a month from resident and ratepayer donations and for the coming year we will augment the R200, 000 shortfall from the reserves we have accumulated.

The budget has been strictly and conservatively prepared and ensures that we maintain the complement of operational reservists as well as maintain the estate of Trail Cameras.

But we cannot afford to buy and operate a vehicle or motorbikes and the growth in the purchase of more Trail cameras remains subject to what additional donations we receive.

Your CPF requires an increase in its funding in order to continue to successfully improve an effective crime prevention environment within Ramsgate in the years to come.

We wish, therefore, to appeal to all of the residents, business owners and ratepayers of Ramsgate that are not already regularly donating in support of our efforts, to commit to a monthly donation of R100.

Donations can be paid to the Ramsgate CPF
First National Bank
Acc: 62681378347
Branch code: 2204128
Ref: Your cell phone number

The safety of our community is a collective responsibility that starts with you!

Yours faithfully

Richard Phillips


Ramsgate Community Policing Forum

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