Conservancy Newsletter

Conservancy Newsletter



Due to dune erosion it has been necessary for Ramsgate Conservancy to close the boardwalk between Ski-Boat Bay and the Whaledeck.

The boardwalk has become unsafe but cannot be removed or re-sited until Municipality Documentation is received which at present is stuck in the “red-tape” department.

It is hazardous to by-pass the temporary fencing installed and/or to sit on the beach below it.

Please feel free to use the new wheelchair friendly pathway that starts by the new Eco-Tourism Centre (a Joint Venture between Ramsgate Tourism and Ramsgate Conservancy) next to the BP Garage, drop in and say Hi to the staff that are setting it up, and continue up to the Whale Deck Viewing Area and then come back down by the “Old” path.


Vote of Thanks


Ramsgate Conservancy would like to thank all the Sponsors / Donors to the Eco Tourism Centre project for their generous donations, without these it could not have been done.

We ask all readers to positively support the businesses who have assisted with donations, and to our Private Donors we thank you from the bottom of our hearts

Beach Stewards News

On the 07th of September 2018 the Tourism Blue Flag beach stewards and representatives of Ray Nkonyeni municipality visited Esivivaneni Primary a school that is situated in rural areas of Harding. The purpose for the visit was to raise awareness, educate and celebrate Arbour Day. The day was a great success as there were different speakers from Department Of Water and Sanitation, Environmental Affairs, UGU- Disaster Fire Management and Wessa Team, all speakers gave informative presentations to grade5&6 pupils about the dangers of fire and safety tips, water pollution (causes & effects) , importance of planting trees, and blueflag.The children were given prizes such as pencil cases and drinking cups, it was all joy and happiness as the day was finished by planting a tree at the school yard



The Ramsgate beach stewards were seen at the shores of Glenmore beach,on the 15th of September 2018.It was where they celebrated their International Coastal Cleanup Day(ICC),by doing what they value the most cleaning up the beautiful shores of the coast.They contributed in the globally celebrated campaign by getting their hands dirty making sure the earth is taken of.


On the 17th of September 2017 Ramsgate beach stewards received great news that the documentary that they were working n since the beginning of the programme,has been selected as one the winning documentaries.However there are ten beaches that won nation – wide and Ramsgate is the only one from the South Coast.

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  1. if council has been approached about the boardwalk, & they are dragging there heels ( as normal ),and conservancy are going to pay for the repair,as I assume no money will come from council , it should be repaired , the longer you wait the more it is going to cost you I never had a reply to my comments on the R 70,000 that went missing , interesting to see if I get a feed back
    Steve Thomas

    • Unfortunately it can’t be repaired but has to be removed. It is part of a “Public thoroughfare” and can’t be removed without the required documentation.
      It is unacceptable that the dune rehabilitation that was required was not done by the Municipality to stop this happening in the first place.



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