Ramsgate Urban Development Precinct

THE RAMSGATE URBAN DEVELOPMENT PRECINCT IS NOW ACTIVE!!!! After Ramsgate property owners started to recognise that establishing a Special Rating Area (SRA) can be the answer to help decrease crime rates and increase the collective value of their neighbourhood, they followed in the footsteps of Southbroom and Marina Beach by voting for the establishment of a Special Rating Area for Ramsgate.  After fulfilling all the legal requirements set down under Section 22 of the Municipal Property Rates Act (No. 6 of 2004), the creation of the SRA was subsequently ratified by the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality in mid-2017. Now a Non-Profit Company NPC has formally been registered as is legally required and called the Ramsgate Urban Development Precinct NPC. The Ramsgate Urban Development Precinct NPC consists of a Board of Directors that are drawn from the four Non-Governmental Organisations active in Ramsgate, namely the Community Policing Forum, the Ramsgate Conservancy, Ramsgate Tourism and the Ramsgate Ratepayers Association, plus Ramsgate ratepayers who are not members of those organisations who can add special value. The RAMSGATE URBAN DEVELOPMENT PRECINCT NPC through its Memorandum of Incorporation has a clearly defined mandate and that includes: To promote co-operation between the South African Police Service and the fulfilment of the needs of the local community in general and regarding Policing; To determine, promote and protect the interests and concerns of the ratepayers and residents of Ramsgate through approved financial assistance to projects run by Ramsgate CPF, Ramsgate Conservancy, Ramsgate Ratepayers and Residents Association and Ramsgate Tourism. The RAMSGATE URBAN DEVELOPMENT PRECINCT NPC has already received payments from the rates collected by the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality from the Ramsgate homeowners and within the next few weeks will be receiving and scrutinising the annual budget for the operational costs of the Ramsgate Community Policing Forum. The RAMSGATE URBAN DEVELOPMENT... read more

Tourism Newsletter

Great cost-effective advertising opportunity for businesses – Ramsgate Map  We’re about to produce the second edition of the very successful Ramsgate map.  In its first edition, all businesses in Ramsgate were included free of charge in the business listing as well as having a place marker on the map. For the next edition, businesses will be included only if they are official members of South Coast Tourism.  This is at a nominal fee of R360 for the year.  This fee includes: Your business listed and a place marker on the Ramsgate map publication – 15 000 copies Your business listed on www.ramsgatecommunity.co.za. Your business listed on www.tourismsouthcoast.co.za  Your business listed as a Likeable Local in the Southern Explorer – 50 000 copies  Your business brochures can be displayed at all the official tourism offices on the coast  The use of the “Proud Member of South Coast Tourism” Logo   . . . . and so much more – for just R360!!   For all businesses that are non-tourism specific eg. Garages, hairdressers, laundries, etc, you can also have a map listing if you are registered as a ‘Friend of Tourism’ for just R150. Please email membership@tourismsouthcoast.co.za or call 039 682 7944 to register as a tourism member or ‘Friend of Tourism’ and take advantage of this amazing marketing opportunity.                        Ramsgate Literary Festival 2016 – A great success!  The second Ramsgate Literary Festival was held in the heart of Ramsgate over the Heritage Weekend – Saturday the 24th September. Once again, there was sustained applause for the event held at the ever popular Whale Deck. Authors, from across the country, were on hand to give talks, sign books and spread the magic of the written word. The weather was exactly what the... read more

Service Form

Please check out our Residents Request for Service Form on www.uguda.org.  There is a mobi friendly version as well. This Form is directed to the relevant official by Mandisa and Xolani as well as a copy being recorded on a database so that Cllrs can enact oversight and/or respond if the Resident requested it.  The Form is structured so that it is easy to compartmentalize the relevant Department responsible and follow up, based on hard evidence , of actual Service Delivery.  I would be more than happy to forward all requests to your Association on a regular basis so that you can have records of Service Delivery Requests from Residents in Ramsgate.  I would also be happy to send you direct links to the Form, including embed code, that you could use in your Website and in your correspondence.  This would save your Residents from having to use the Website. The direct link is: http://bit.ly/ugudaresidentsrequest Please consider using this system in your area and I would be more than happy to go through the system with you guys and explain in more detail.... read more

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