Ramsgate Residents and Ratepayers’ Association

Newsletter – June 2019 Ramsgate Ratepayers and Residents Association (RRRA) Dear Fellow Ramsgaters, Changes to your committee: We are pleased to advise you that we have co-opted three new members to your committee, and they are as follows: Arthur Branford – Secretarial and Administration Robert (Bob) Black – Sales & Marketing Ciska Swart – Community Services We are really grateful to the above folk, who have stepped up to the plate and look forward to their positive contribution, to assisting in ensuring that Ramsgate remains a great place to live, work and play in. Welcome on board folks! Ramsgate beaches: We are also pleased to announce, that we have had a member step up to the plate, to take on the role previously managed by John Scott. Phil De Jager has volunteered and is already, in full swing with regard to looking after the Ramsgate Ramble. Thank you Phil for your valued contribution to this very important area of our village. It is very much appreciated. Phil will be working closely with Bruce Dickson who manages the portfolio for the committee. The severe storms at the end of April 2019 resulted in significant quantities of debris being deposited on all our beaches as all the lagoons and river mouths were breached. Thanks to the efforts of many residents and nature itself, most of the beaches are now clear and pristine again. KZNRRA (Lower south coast): We mentioned previously, that the RRRA is actively involved in the KZNRRA (Lower south coast), which, incidentally, is chaired by Prof Ransome (previous Ramsgate RRRA Chair). In the past six months, the KZNRRA team (consisting of the various RRA Chairs and vice chairs) have had two meetings with the RNM Municipal manager and his HOD team and more recently, one meeting with the Municipality... read more

RUDP NPC Report Back

REPORT BACK TO THE MEMBERS OF THE RAMSGATE URBAN DEVELOPMENT PRECINCT NPC At the 2018 AGM the RUDP NPC Board promised to pursue the report back on the VAT levied on the UIP payment itemized on the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality Rates accounts received on the monthly basis. We had, as had others, queried whether or not the VAT was legally being charged on the levy which we believe is not product or service rendered to the consumer. At the recent meeting held at Ray Nkonyeni Municipal offices in Margate last week, it was confirmed that the Municipality was erroneous in the billing of VAT on the levy since the inception of same. As a direct result, the Members will notice on their Municipal Rates account of 31st January 2019 that their billing is R7.09 less. That was the VAT value on the R47.25 UIP levy billed every month. It was confirmed at the aforementioned meeting that every Ramsgate Ratepayer will receive a credit in due course for the total VAT the Ratepayers have been billed on the levy prior to accounts dated 31 December 2018. Annual ratepayers will receive their credit on their next billing. The Board of the RUDP NPC would like to highlight the persistent work of Mike Geiger in providing the momentum that has brought about the positive resolution of a long outstanding matter. The RUDP NPC wishes to thank Ray Nkonyeni Municipality and its representatives for their input into this process and we look forward to working together into the future for the benefit of all those involved in the wellbeing of Ramsgate and its... read more

RUDPNPC Change of Venue for AGM

Notice is hereby given that the venue for the Annual General Meeting of the Ramsgate Urban Renewal Development Precinct NPC that will take place on the 1stDecember 2018 at 18:00 is now to be held at the Southcity Church Hall, Corner of Alford Avenue and Old Main Road, Ramsgate where the following items will be discussed…… Please click on the links below for the Agenda of the meeting. RUDPNPC AGENDA... read more

RUDP NPC Annual General Meeting

NOTICE FOR THE AGM Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of the Ramsgate Urban Renewal Development Precinct NPC that will take place on the 15th October 2018 at 18:00 at the Ramsgate Bowling Club Hall in Glenmarkie Drive, Ramsgate where the following items will be discussed…… Please click on the links below for the Agenda and the M.O.I OF Ramsgate Urban Development Precinct NPC. MOI Ramsgate Urban Development Precinct RUDP NPC Agenda... read more

Ramsgate Ratepayers & Residents’ Association Outcomes of the Strategic Planning

Outcomes for the Strategic Planning meeting of the Executive Committee of the Ramsgate Ratepayers and Residents Association (RRRA), on Monday 14 May 2017 Background Following the Annual General Meeting of the RRRA, the Executive Committee was concerned about the poor turn-out at the event despite good publicity and holding the meeting during the school holidays, when many non-residents were ‘in town’. It was felt therefore, that an analysis of the issues affecting residents needed to be conducted and to this end, it was agreed, that a strategic planning meeting was essential to identify the key areas where the RRRA was not achieving its targets or meeting the expectations of residents, and to identify solutions to address the issues.  A questionnaire soliciting the views of committee members was circulated before the meeting. Members asked to answer a number of questions and/or identify issues under the following headings; the Challenges, the Residents, the Municipalities, the over-arching bodies which oversee the Ramsgate NGOs and the Ratepayer Associations on the Lower South Coast. The responses were analysed, consolidated and presented to the committee at the start of meeting. Thereafter the members identified the five most important issues that need to be addressed. These were: The lack of awareness of the functions and role of the RRRA and the general apathy of residents Insufficient feedback to residents on the positive aspects and achievements of the RRRA The importance of building relationships based on trust and mutual concerns with residents and the authorities The need to recruit more residents to become involved in the functions of the RRRA Improve communications particularly with residents and ensure that there is effective follow-up on issues Outcomes  Following considerable debate and analyzing each of the above five points, the committee concluded that the while the various portfolios, viz. Infrastructure:... read more

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