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Newsletter – December 2018 Ramsgate Ratepayers and Residents Association (RRRA)  Meet your committee: Sandy Kingdon has unfortunately had to step down due to family commitments and we will sorely miss her and her contribution to the committee. Thank you for all your hard work Sandy and we wish you all the very best with the challenges that you and your family are currently facing. With Sandy stepping down we are in desperate need of a person with secretarial skills who can assist us with the minutes of meetings, etc. If anyone is interested in assisting, please contact the RRRA on the contact details below. Future water outages: As residents of Ramsgate know, our village is very vulnerable to the breakdowns in the municipal supply of water by UGU. This is as a consequence of several factors. The first is an aging infrastructure which has been poorly maintained and much of which has been acknowledged by UGU as needing replacement. The second is that Ramsgate’s reservoirs are the last in the main delivery line from the Umzimkulu pumping station and therefore are always the first to lose supply and the last to be restored. The third is some poor engineering in the design of the local infrastructure making it difficult to restore supply locally and refill the reservoirs after prolonged outages. In light of these challenges the RRRA has, over recent years and with very limited resources, built up a stock of 5 000 litre tanks which are strategically placed around Ramsgate during periods of prolonged water outages. These tanks are for the benefit of all residents to refill bottles. The water is obtained from reliable sources but it is recommended, nevertheless, that the water from these points be boiled before consumption. The RRRA replenishes these static tanks. UGU tankers, if... read more

RRRA Newsletter

UPDATE ON THE WATER SITUATION IN RAMSGATE Ramsgate was amongst the worst hit areas during the recent water outage on the Lower South Coast. Unfortunately Ramsgate lies at the end of the main supply line from the Umzimkulu River and is therefore the first to lose water during regional outages and amongst the last to be restored. Ramsgate South was particularly badly hit receiving no water from the last week in May until the last week in June. Ramsgate North which is fed from a different reservoir had some supply some of the time. Much of the infrastructure is old and fragile. Our understanding is some of the worst pipes are to be replaced but as yet there is no time line from UGU. As in the past damage was caused to the infrastructure during the work stoppage and this delayed the restoration significantly. Several repairs undertaken during the strike were damaged again within 24 hours. As many will know, the RRRA sprang into action on the first day and static tanks were placed at the BP Service Station, Pistols and in Greenhills. These were filled regularly throughout the whole period by volunteers using their own vehicles. Ray Basson and Steve Thomas worked 12 hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure residents had access to water. An RRRA mobile tank service also delivered water to housebound residents. Since then, the RRRA sub-committee which focuses on water crises, has been analyzing the lessons learnt from the recent outages and re-evaluating all possibilities to manage these events more effectively in the future. The RRRA has now adopted the proposals of this group and will be funding the additional equipment costs. In future as soon as there is a prolonged outage, at least five static tanks will be placed at... read more

Ramsgate Residents & Ratepayers’ Association Newsletter

Newsletter – June 2018 Ramsgate Ratepayers and Residents Association (RRRA) Dear Ramsgaters, Talk about living in interesting times! With regard to the recent UGU workers illegal strike and subsequent water delivery crisis, you will recall from our previous quarterly newsletter, that your committee had been investigating various options such as the possibility of sinking a borehole, or investing in a trailer which could be used to deliver water to the disabled and needy and to the general residents, when UGU failed to deliver its services, etc. Fortunately, the team had plans in place for temporary trailers and water tanks to be available, along with a team of volunteers to drive and tow the tanks to various places in Ramsgate. These teams did an outstanding job of ensuring that the community had access to water when the recent UGU strike so badly affected our wonderful community in terms of the non-delivery the service pertaining to that life giving product – water.        A huge vote of thanks to ALL the people who stepped up to the plate, in terms of sacrificing time, resource, etc., you know who you are and there too were many to name them all. However, we would be totally remiss, in not recognizing the enormous, selfless effort and support given by Ray Basson and Steve Thomas in particular – well done guys, your hard work and dedication was very much appreciated by everyone during this time of crisis. You will also have been informed, in a recent ad hoc newsletter, of the strategic planning workshop held by the RRRA in May 2018 and the action points that arose from that workshop. For your information, the members of the KZNSCRRA team will also be meeting for a strategic planning meeting on 5 July 2018. We will give... read more

Open Letter to Ugu

Good morning Ramsgaters Please find a copy of an open letter to UGU, regarding the current water disaster in the UGU district, issued by the Chairperson of the KZN South Coast Ratepayers and Residents Association (KZN RRA) attached hereto, for your information. The Ramsgate Ratepayers and Residents Association (RRRA) is affiliated to the KZN RRA and fully endorses the stance taken by that organization. Please click on the link to view the letter; Ugu... read more

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