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Ramsgate Community Policing Forum Newsletter

Ramsgate 31 March 2019 Welcome to 2019. How quickly time passes! We are already three months into the new year and much has happened, which the CPF would like to share. CRIME TRENDS Every year over the holiday period, we expect an increase in incidents of crime and this past season was no different However, over the last 3 years the operational team devised plans to combat this trend and together with the injection of the long-awaited funding, we were able to acquire a some very exciting technology as well as increase our compliment of Reservists, the combination of which has paid dividends in containing crime as much as increasing our arrest rate. Notwithstanding our efforts, Ramsgate saw an increase in incidents of housebreakings which once again, demanded a revised tactical approach. In the course of our efforts, the CPF operational team, together with Margate SAPS, identified members of an organized group of people that have been targeting Ramsgate. The special, combined, nighttime operations, led by the Margate SAPS and our CPF team and with the significant and entirely voluntary support of the armed response companies Maser, Wolf and occasionally helped by ADT Fidelity, tackled ongoing exercises throughout Ramsgate on a regular basis. As a consequence of these measures, we are happy to be able to confirm a meaningful drop in incidents as well as the arrest of perpetrators that have been linked to various crimes in our area and surrounds. OPERATIONAL EQUIPMENT, The RCPF committee took some time to carefully evaluate and where possible, trial, a number of crime-fighting equipment, before the committee approved the purchase and deployment of these technologies. We anticipate that we will have completed this project by the end of the first quarter of 2019. This includes new community safety cameras that alert us... read more

Ramsgate Community Policing Forum Newsletter

Ramsgate is now one of the safest holiday destinations in South Africa and proudly welcomes all holiday visitors to it’s beautiful village and blue flag beach! We have recorded a commendable 46% decline in residential burglary and 62% drop in theft since 2016. Under the leadership of our SAPS Sector Commander, and vice chair of the CPF, Constable Chantell Young, a combined effort between Ramsgate CPF, Margate SAPS Cluster task team, Wolf Security and Maser Security, we launched a number of special crime prevention operations across the Ramsgate precinct over the past five months in a focussed drive to arrest habitual criminals and clear the streets of prostitution, liquor abuse and general bylaw contraventions.   The crime prevention cluster comprising the South African Police Services, Ray Nkonyeni Municipal Protection Services and the Ramsgate Community Policing Forum, are deployed 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the holiday season. Additional resources are deployed to the beaches and coastal walkways and in the village and this year, special attention is being given to the strict enforcement of municipal bylaws. LAW ENFORCEMENT ON PATROL 24/7 Records of reported crimes indicate that despite the increased level of policing, unsuspecting holiday makers are targeted by criminals presented by opportunity, the result of which regrettably skews our exemplary record of recorded incidents. Our visitors are requested to secure their personal valuables and cell phones during their stay, keep their apartments locked while away on the beach and please don’t leave valuables in motor vehicles. Help us keep reported incidents to a minimum!  Residents and visitors can play a major part in keeping Ramsgate safe! There are 9 official early warning WhatsApp Group, Security Sectors for Ramsgate only. If you need to report suspicious activities or make calls for help to the WhatsApp group... read more

RCPF Newsletter

The past three months have heralded a new beginning for the Ramsgate Community Policing Forum on so many different levels. A Special General Meeting was held on the 30th July where a new management committee was elected, and the constitution and the financial year were amended for corporate governance and administrative convenience, necessary to manage the flow of funds from the Ray Nkonyeni Municipality. Your committee has been hard at work reviewing best practice and technology in order to determine what combination of systems and process will deliver the most effective crime prevention solutions for the investment and that process is well advanced. Your Ramsgate CPF office has finally been given a much needed facelift, thanks largely to the generous support from Buco Hardware Supplies, Printco Signage, Elmo Electrical, Reka Fire & Safety Margate and Wolf Security. Our Operations Controller Quinn Meechan has been ‘man down’ for many weeks having suffered damage to her lungs and airway. Luckily, she is under care of a specialist and the condition is being treated with rest and medication. We wish her a speedy recovery.   Operationally, the Ramsgate village hasn’t seen so much activity in a great many years. Under the leadership of our SAPS Sector Commander, and vice chair of the CPF, Chantell Young, a combined effort between Ramsgate CPF, Margate SAPS Cluster task team, Maser Security, Wolf Security and backup and support provided by Fidelity ADT, launched a number of special crime prevention operations across the Ramsgate precinct over the past few months.   We record a very special word of appreciation to all members of the SAPS and Security personnel who regularly participate and to the security companies who give of their vehicles and teams, so we can maintain a safer Ramsgate.              ... read more

RCPF Annual General Meeting

NOTICE OF THE 2018 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING RAMSGATE COMMUNITY POLICING FORUM DATE: MONDAY THE 22nd OCTOBER 2018 TIME: 18H00 VENUE: LIONS COMMUNITY HALL, RAMSGATE The 2018 Annual General Meeting of the Ramsgate Community Policing Forum has been called in accordance with the provisions of clause 6.1.1 of the Constitution. At the special general meeting of the RCPF held on the 30th July 2018, the financial year end was changed to coincide with that of the Ray Nkonyeni Municipal financial year ending June 2018. Accordingly, the accounts of the CPF for the financial year were closed as at the 30th June 2018 and handed in for the prescribed independent audit. Your committee plans to present the audited financials at the AGM as well as provide a crime report for the 12-month period ending June 2018. We also plan to provide the meeting with a report on crime prevention strategies and projects that have been undertaken to date as well as what is planned for the new 2018 to 2019 financial year. This notice is also provided early, in order to afford any business owner, resident or ratepayer of Ramsgate the opportunity to submit any item that they may wish to have discussed, to the Secretary of the RCPF at for inclusion in the Agenda. We look forward to your attendance and support. Kind regards Lucia Nkomo... read more

Ramsgate Community Policing Forum Newsletter

Ramsgate Community Policing Forum Newsletter June 2018 1.CRIME REPORT – Crime Report is as follows: OVERALL CRIME Crime in Ramsgate in May 2017 declined by 37% over 2016. However, compared to May 2017, it increased by 19% Compared to June 2017, crime in our precinct has declined by 13% HOUSE BREAKINGS In May Housebreakings in our area remained at the similar level as 2016 with 10 reported incidents compared to the 9  last year. We arrested one  suspect who is awaiting trial. ATTEMPTED BREAKINGS No attempted housebreakings were reported this year to date THEFT Reported cases of theft have declined by 33% compared to the same period last year and by 43% compared to June 2016 THEFT OF MOTOR VEHICLES We experienced no incidents of theft out of motor vehicles in June this year COMMON ROBBERY 1 incident of common robbery was reported compared to 0 in 2017 HOUSE ROBERIES House robberies continue to drop at a rate of 100% per annum over the past two years RECKLESS & NEGLIGENT DRIVING No incidents of reckless and negligent driving have been reported this year to date. 2. MASS PATROL – 25 MAY 2018 The CPF together with members of the Ramsgate security community joined forces in  a Mass Ride on the 25th of May from 5 – 7 pm which was, as always, very successful. No incidents were reported for the evening. The following organizations and members of the CPF and community participated: Wolf Security & Farm Watch Maser Security Fidelity ADT RCPF SAPS – Cst. Mbali, Cst. Nqoko and Shange RCPF Committee members – Mvumi, Eugene and Quinn Patrollers – Carol Ann and Alwyn (16) Community Safety & Liaison member – Yandisa          3. MUNICIPAL GRANT IN AID We attended the Municipal awards for the Grant in Aid which was awarded... read more

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