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Ramsgate Ratepayer’s and Residents Assocation

Newsletter – March 2019 Ramsgate Ratepayers and Residents Association (RRRA)  Dear Fellow Ramsgaters, 2018 was an eventful year, fortunately, ending in a December season, where there were no major issues with water and electricity and by all accounts, the tourism industry had a good season. It would appear thus far, that 2019 will be a busy year.  Water outages: As residents of Ramsgate know, our village is very vulnerable to the breakdowns in the municipal supply of water by UGU. As highlighted previously, this is as a consequence of several factors. The first is an ageing infrastructure, which has been poorly maintained and much of which, has been acknowledged by UGU as needing replacement. The second is that Ramsgate’s reservoirs are the last in the main delivery line from the Umzimkulu pumping station and therefore, are always the first to lose supply and the last to be restored. The third, is some poor engineering in the design of the local infrastructure, making it difficult to restore supply locally and refill the reservoirs, after prolonged outages. As you may be aware, the RRRA has, over recent years and with very limited resources, built up a stock of 5 000 litre tanks, which are strategically placed around Ramsgate during periods of prolonged water outages. These tanks are for the benefit of all residents to refill bottles. The water is obtained from reliable sources but it is recommended, nevertheless, that the water from these points be boiled before consumption. It is important to note, that the UGU tankers are responsible for replenishing the static tanks, but if the drivers are on strike or being intimidated, the RRRA will endeavour to fill the tanks, using the trailer and pump that it has secured the use of, via a rental cost. Only bottles, up to... read more

Ramsgate Tourism Newsletter

RAMSGATE BOOK & ART FESTIVAL 2019 A passionate, voluntary and hardworking team have thrown themselves headlong into the organizing of this year’s Book & Art Festival. They have been hard at work with fresh ideas, themes and wonderful community ideas for the Festival this year. The author line-up has been confirmed and includes incredible speakers, artists, poetry, storytelling and supper theatres, pop-up book store and street food! Just to give you a little taste of the amazing authors in the line-up so far: Storyteller of Note: Gcina Mhlope. Gcina has been writing and performing on stage and screen for over 20 years. She has written many children’s books as well as adult audience poetry, short stories and plays. She produced and performed on a CD for children with Ladysmith Black Mambazo. She has written music for the SABC TV series Gcina & Friends where she performed her own stories for television audiences. Brett Archibald: Inspirational motivational speaker, wrote “Alone” – his incredible story of determination and belief in oneself after surviving 28 hours alone in the open sea. “Lazy” Magau Makoti has written the No 1 selling SA cookbook and her traditional simple recipe book certainly makes the kitchen a less daunting place! Richard Goodhead wrote ‘Richardsrun’ – an incredible journey from Cape Agulhas to Kilimanjaro on foot, solo & unsupported. Lauren Beukes is a former journalist, who has covered a multitude of topics including HIV+ beauty pageants, gangland cops and great white shark tourism. She has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Cape Town. Awards include the Arthur C Clarke Award, the University of Johannesburg prize, the August Derleth Award for Best Horror, the Strand Critics Choice Award for Best Mystery Novel and the RT Thriller of the Year. Francoise Malby-Anthony was born in the... read more

Ramsgate Community Policing Forum Newsletter

Ramsgate 31 March 2019 Welcome to 2019. How quickly time passes! We are already three months into the new year and much has happened, which the CPF would like to share. CRIME TRENDS Every year over the holiday period, we expect an increase in incidents of crime and this past season was no different However, over the last 3 years the operational team devised plans to combat this trend and together with the injection of the long-awaited funding, we were able to acquire a some very exciting technology as well as increase our compliment of Reservists, the combination of which has paid dividends in containing crime as much as increasing our arrest rate. Notwithstanding our efforts, Ramsgate saw an increase in incidents of housebreakings which once again, demanded a revised tactical approach. In the course of our efforts, the CPF operational team, together with Margate SAPS, identified members of an organized group of people that have been targeting Ramsgate. The special, combined, nighttime operations, led by the Margate SAPS and our CPF team and with the significant and entirely voluntary support of the armed response companies Maser, Wolf and occasionally helped by ADT Fidelity, tackled ongoing exercises throughout Ramsgate on a regular basis. As a consequence of these measures, we are happy to be able to confirm a meaningful drop in incidents as well as the arrest of perpetrators that have been linked to various crimes in our area and surrounds. OPERATIONAL EQUIPMENT, The RCPF committee took some time to carefully evaluate and where possible, trial, a number of crime-fighting equipment, before the committee approved the purchase and deployment of these technologies. We anticipate that we will have completed this project by the end of the first quarter of 2019. This includes new community safety cameras that alert us... read more

Ramsgate Conservancy Newsletter

Article from South Coast Herald February 2019 Conservancy Annual General Meeting On the 21st March, the Ramsgate Conservancy held their 13th Annual General Meeting. Due to impending Loadshedding, the AGM was conducted speedily to allow 10 minutes for any extra questions at the end to be completed before the power went off. Following the usual items of Welcome, Attendance Register and Apologies the Minutes of the 12th AGM were approved without any dissent. The Chairman’s Report was given by John Murray, quickly running through the usual Objectives and List of other bodies that the Conservancy associate with or are members of. The Chairman reported back on several issues including Waste Water Treatment, Waste Disposal site at Oatlands, Dune Erosion, Alien Plant Eradication, the Joint Venture with Ramsgate Tourism regarding the Eco-Tourism Centre and paid tribute to their sponsors and Donors, in particular, the Waffle House. The Treasurer’s Report was given by Adrian Voice and accepted unanimously. Two items requiring ratification at an AGM were taken: The Committee structure was proposed to change to a “Management Committee” comprising of the “Office Bearers”, being The Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. This was to aid the administration and efficiency of the Committee. The change was accepted without dissent. The full Committee will still meet but may not need to be convened for administrative duties. The second item was to ratify the election of the current holders of Office Bearer positions, these were elected without dissent: Chairman:                 John Murray Deputy Chairman:   David Halle Secretary:                  Ross Douthwaite Treasurer:                  Adrian Voice   A short AOB was taken and completed before the power went off! A copy of the minutes will be available upon request once they are fully typed-up. The AGM was followed by another successful Moondeckers evening lit by rechargeable lights as... read more

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