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Ramsgate Residents and Ratepayers’ Association

Newsletter – June 2019 Ramsgate Ratepayers and Residents Association (RRRA) Dear Fellow Ramsgaters, Changes to your committee: We are pleased to advise you that we have co-opted three new members to your committee, and they are as follows: Arthur Branford – Secretarial and Administration Robert (Bob) Black – Sales & Marketing Ciska Swart – Community Services We are really grateful to the above folk, who have stepped up to the plate and look forward to their positive contribution, to assisting in ensuring that Ramsgate remains a great place to live, work and play in. Welcome on board folks! Ramsgate beaches: We are also pleased to announce, that we have had a member step up to the plate, to take on the role previously managed by John Scott. Phil De Jager has volunteered and is already, in full swing with regard to looking after the Ramsgate Ramble. Thank you Phil for your valued contribution to this very important area of our village. It is very much appreciated. Phil will be working closely with Bruce Dickson who manages the portfolio for the committee. The severe storms at the end of April 2019 resulted in significant quantities of debris being deposited on all our beaches as all the lagoons and river mouths were breached. Thanks to the efforts of many residents and nature itself, most of the beaches are now clear and pristine again. KZNRRA (Lower south coast): We mentioned previously, that the RRRA is actively involved in the KZNRRA (Lower south coast), which, incidentally, is chaired by Prof Ransome (previous Ramsgate RRRA Chair). In the past six months, the KZNRRA team (consisting of the various RRA Chairs and vice chairs) have had two meetings with the RNM Municipal manager and his HOD team and more recently, one meeting with the Municipality... read more

Ramsgate Community Policing Forum

Dear Ramsgate Community We are pleased to report that although the incidents of major residential crimes (House Breaking, House robbery and theft) for May were marginally up over April, June recorded the quietest month and lowest crime rate in the history of the CPF. The past quarter is marked by a significant number of breakthroughs, arrests and recoveries as a consequence of a combination of increased foot patrols, increased real-time surveillance by our operational team supported by Margate SAPS and local armed response companies, and some very successful investigations by Margate detectives. The month of May produced a total of eight housebreakings, robbery and theft arrests and the recovery of stolen property. The suspect who committed a house Robbery on the 30th of March 2018, which left holidaymakers traumatized, was sentenced to 15 years in jail. The arrest was thanks to Mark Thomas from Wolf Security and the Ramsgate CPF SAPS members who were on the scene within minutes. A further 35 Class B arrests were made in May. This was followed in June by a further 60 Class B arrests and 1 Class A arrests. In a dramatic late-night incident, a stolen vehicle was immediately identified and intercepted entering Ramsgate and a number of weapons were recovered. We commend the detectives at the Margate Police station on their outstanding performance in solving a number of robbery cases. Continuous CPF foot patrols and surveillance exercises in targeted parts of the Ramsgate neighbourhood at night resulted in the red-handed arrests of criminals suspected of being part of the gang that has been terrorising our residents since January. Stolen property was recovered, and the perpetrators were charged and have been refused bail. We are grateful once again, to Brigadier Slabbert who authorized additional crime prevention vehicles in support of these exercises... read more

Conservancy Donor Request

Dear Potential Donor The Ramsgate Conservancy has developed over the last fourteen years as a deep-rooted environmental institution within the Ramsgate community and the KZN South Coastal area. Over this time period we have raised local funding to create the existing infrastructure we have today which includes the Whale Viewing Deck, the Whale Deck Eco Centre (WDEC) building, the Eco Tourism Centre Information Office (ETC) and a wheelchair friendly pathway linking the two buildings. We now need to embark on various projects to enable better conservation, environmental education, eco-system preventive management and improve the WDEC and ETC sites which will benefit our local residents and attract our holiday visitors year on year. The most prominent urgency now is the acquiring of funding for operational needs and priorities which will complement the capital investment which will give Ramsgate the leading edge in Conservation on the KZN South Coast. Our appeal to you is to read the attached proposal and needs for donor funding and decide whether you or your business want to invest in the future growth of conservation in our community. If so, it will be a pleasure to meet with you to discuss our mission and in particular, the areas in which you may be interested and willing to assist with funding and/ or sponsorship. 2019 is an important year for the commencement of this endeavour to plan, identify, prioritise, finance and implement projects over a period of at least three years. Our target is to raise R150,000 to enable us to achieve our projected three-year goals. We request that anonymous or publicised donations be made direct to the Ramsgate Conservancy banking account via a direct EFT. A PBO donation certificate will be issued for all donations made as per Section 18A of the Tax Act of 1962... read more

June Moondeckers

Ramsgate Conservancy MOONDECKERS: Come and join us and see the full moon appearing over the ocean whilst enjoying a tasty Prego Roll. Don’t forget to bring your drinks (alcohol or non-alcohol), drinking glasses and some warm winter woollies.   Where: Ramsgate Whale Deck When: Monday, 17th of June 2019 Time: 17h30 (5h30pm) for 18h00 (6pm) Cost: R40 pp including Prego Roll, but remember to bring some Cash for the Lucky draw, all proceeds will go to the operation and administration of the WD and ETC.   BOOKING is ESSENTIAL for catering purposes! Remember this is a Fundraising event so we look forward to seeing you, your family and friends all there.    RSVP:                   Before 15th June 2019 Adrian Voice    083 286... read more

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